About this site

As a biology researcher, I was looking for a way to be informed of upcoming seminars taking place in nearby institutes. I thus wanted to gather seminar ads, to look at them more conveniently. RSS Feed seemed a particularly well suited solution, allowing me to receive alerts when new seminars are announced.

I thus created a system to extract seminar ads from the web pages of different institutes, ans produce RSS Feeds. In the end, I found the result pretty convenient, and thought others may appreciate it. I thus decided to share these RSS Feeds on this site. The site also offers an on-line list of upcoming seminars, for those who don't want to use RSS Feeds(a huge thank to Matthieu for the CSS code of the list). I hope this site can be useful. If so, don't hesitate to let me know, this will help motivating me to keep the site alive.


You can reach me at : bioconf@pipofree.fr