Frequently asked questions

How does it work ?

Twice a day, this site gets the web pages announcing seminars, from different Paris institutes. For each institute, the site automatically extracts relevant informations for each seminar (speaker, title, date...). These informations are then presented as an on-line list and as RSS Feeds. One of the advantages of RSS Feeds is that your Feed reader will only display new ads, not the ones you have already seen. For the most tech oriented, extraction of the relevant informations is achieved using an html parser (simple html dom parser) and some regex when html tags are not enough.

One of the feeds seems broken.

Please let me know (see the tab About to contact me). I will do my best to fix it.

Seminar ads from my institute or an institute I would like to follow are not available.

2 answers :
- I originally created this site for my own usage. I thus started with Institutes working on areas I am intersted in. If you would like a new feed, please let me know (see tab About to contact me). I will try to create it, as far as I can find time to do so.
- To work properly, this site has to automatically extract seminar ads from the web pages of the different institutes. Depending on how this web page is encoded, extracting information is more or less easy, and sometimes impossible.

There sometimes are weird characters, or missing letters.

First, the content of this site is extracted from the web pages announcing the seminars. If these pages contain weird characters, these characters will also appear here, or may be removed (leading to missing letters). Second, I am a biologist ! not a computer specialist. I did my best to create this site, and reached something I find usable, but it certainly could be improved. If you have knowledge in php, or, if like me you are ready to learn a bit, I would appreciate help to improve this site.

I find this site useful, may I help ?

Yes, in different ways.
First, you can advertise this site to your colleagues. If this site has many users, Institutes will more likely accept to do the tiny changes required to their web pages so they can be extracted and thus included here.
Second, you can directly contact the communication department of your institute, so that they get in touch with me.
Third, if you are not afraid of computers (but no qualifications required !), I could do with some help in every day maintenance of this site. Finally, if you have remarks or suggestions, please let me know (see the About tab to reach me).