Other options to take advantage of the informations available on this site

Use an RSS Feed reader

If your mail software does not support RSS Feeds (for Macs, the function was removed from Mail in 2012), you can use a dedicated RSS Feed reader. The only drawback is that you then have to launch this software from time to time to receive new seminar ads.
Many RSS Feed readers exist, the most famous probably are QuiteRSS (Win), FeedDemon (Win), FeedReader (Win), RSSOwl (Win, Mac, Linux), Shrook (Mac)...

Email alert system

A number of web services allow you to receive an email when an RSS Feed has been updated.
IFTTT (If This Then That) is probably one of the most popular. It actually can do much more than following an RSS Feed. It is thus very complete, but consequently, slightly more complicated to setup.
Blogtrottr and FeedMyInbox are dedicated to RSS Feed monitoring. They are thus very easy to configure. You just have to provide the address of the feed (I suggest you use the feed regrouping all seminar ads: http://bioconf.fr/rss/seminaires.xml), enter your email address, and decide at which frequency you would like to be informed. Please select the option daily so that the Feed is not verified too often (anyway it is only updated twice a day). You will then receive every day a mail containing the new seminar ads.

List sorted by publication date

This site also offers an on-line list of seminar ads. By default, it is sorted on the date when the seminar will take place.
However, it can be sorted on the publication date of the ad (button at the bottom left of the page, or directly here). By sorting on publication date, you can first see the seminars that have been recently announced, and scan down the list until you recognize an ad you have already seen.